Despite having Belgian origins, it was ‘baptized’ with a Japanese name in 2009. Komono means ‘small things’ and embraces the concept of attention to detail, materialized in exclusive lines of sunglasses, eyewear and minimalist, modern design watches. Established both online and in flagship stores around the world, the ‘affordable luxury’ movement arrived in Portugal in 2015, having rapidly conquered the heart of brand-loyal consumers

Following the opening of a first physical store in Braga, Porto was the city chosen to welcome a second one. Located at number 393 Rua Sá da Bandeira, one of the main commercial hubs in the city, the small space stands out for its simple, contemporary  architecture, which reflects the aesthetic of the brand and their core values - quality and know-how- to perfection. Komono pieces can also be found at The Feeting Room in Porto, SkyWalker and Loja das Meias in Lisbon, as well as Mau Feitio in Coimbra.