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Born from the drive to tell stories that have a historical, cultural and human legacy at its core, Mater is a female contemporary jewellery brand that designs striking, memorable pieces. Set up in 2015 by the designer Sara Coutinho and featured by AORP’s -Association of Goldsmithing and Watchmaking of Portugal - Portuguese Jewellery Newborn, it represents the imaginary of something real by channelling emotional fragments of its author’s world.

Following the ‘Leixões’ collection, Sara took, once again, inspiration from an important reference from the Portuguese culture to design silver rings, earrings and necklaces that are part of her newest jewellery line ‘Calçada’. These and other pieces can be found online, or, by appointment, at the Mater Jewellery Tales showroom, located in the heart of the city and boasting a privileged view over the river Douro.