BOX 32

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    Rua António Cândido, 32, 4200-074 Porto

When the talent of people like the stylist Nelson Vieira, fashion designer Pedro Neto, photographer João Octávio Peixoto and graphic designer Ângela Metelo came together, what could be expected but the unexpected? The merger of areas as distinct as fashion, photography, music, design and visual arts acted as a yielding force for a meeting point of cultural interactions they chose to name Box 32.

More than just a coworking space, Box 32 is a studio open to new creative approaches, somewhere where we can buy pieces by Portuguese fashion designers, enjoy an exhibition or share ideas over a glass of wine while listening to good music. Pedro Pedro, Ricardo Andrez, David Catalan, Estelita Mendonça and Antonio Soares are already household names, among many others. Pay them a visit at Rua de António Cândido, number 32, Porto.