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When Vasco Mourão, the name behind restaurants such as Cafeína, Terra and Portarossa made the decision to open a bar under his own name, expectations were nothing short of high. And he did not disappoint. Located in a small ground-floor house in Foz do Porto, Casa Vasco is surprising in many different ways, starting with the menu.

Ranging from traditional Portuguese dishes - such as codfish cakes with cabbage sprouts rice or Iberian Pork shoulder - to toasts, ceviches and carpaccios, it takes you on a gastronomic trip around the world.  All of this in a welcoming, charming backdrop that is the perfect merge of both a traditional and contemporary approach to the city vibe. Among family or with friends, at Casa Vasco anytime is the perfect time for a memorable experience enjoying unusual snacks and drinks in a casual, very cool atmosphere.