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Latitudes of cities across the world will be the names of the collections of the latest brand of Porto swimwear: Latitid. These cities will inspire Marta Resende Fonseca, the head-designer, to create bikinis, swimwear and beachwear for the sophisticated and confident woman of the global market. Combining creativity with the quality of Portuguese manufacturing, Latitid fills a niche in the domestic market and has already garnered a foothold in Spain and Australia.

The brand, which was designed by Fernanda Santos, Inês Fonseca and Marta Resende Fonseca to be international, launched its first collection, inspired by latitude 41 ° 09'01 .79 " N, the city of Porto. The textile tradition, the dynamism, and the entrepreneurship joined with inspiration from elements such as the rocks of the coastal zone and the prolific Portuguese cobblestone of the city were the raw materials that gave rise to two product lines for young people and women. Finding inspiration in the local setting to compete in the global market is the foundation of this brand always made in Portugal.