THE Design

Teresa and Helena, THE Design mentors, were photographed in 2006, when they opened their first store. Several years later, though everything in that magazine is outdated, the picture could have been taken today. The duo still has the clothes they wore that day and all the logic behind their way of dressing. It is in this perspective of timelessness that the concept of THE Design emerges. To meet the needs of a lifestyle that requires unique, exclusive, comfortable clothes, but above all, creative and versatile; almost adjustable and adaptable to the life of every customer, of any age.

The pieces of each collection are hand-picked through meticulous research that this creative duo performs throughout the world, discovering new designers and new concepts in their travels. Teresa and Helena select close to 50 designers to comprise each of their collections for their stores’ offering. Simultaneously, THE Design stores support and promote new national designers. Believing in the creative potential of Porto’s talents, they created partnerships with the fashion schools in the city (ESAD and Modatex) and with the national industry.