All the bustling new life felt on the so-called Soho of Porto, originates in the Praça Carlos Alberto that hosts the "Porto Belo" street market on Saturdays. This square is also the birthplace of the first coffee house of Porto: Moustache, which sparked the phenomenon throughout the city. Keeping all of the above in mind, we might consider this square to be one of the many homes of what it means to be a hipster in Porto. Tags, street art and the like, are not unfamiliar to the streets of Porto, but it is here they find their roots. Between Rua de Cedofeita and Rua Miguel Bombarda lies the center of our Soho, populated by this form of street art, as well as by those who paint it.

Art District is the official name of the Miguel Bombarda area, one of the many that make up this multicultural district.

Streets, alleys, nooks and crannies, all filled with art galleries, define the vibe you feel when walking through this district. The CCB (Centro Comercial Miguel Bombarda) is the core of this entire artistic atmosphere with jewelry and furniture stores, opticians, hairdressers, galleries, etc.  Noteworthy is the Pimenta Rosa, the perfect eat & drink for this location. On sunny Saturdays, the outdoor area of this shopping center houses the "O Berdinho", the urban market of organic produce, which endeavors to revitalize the custom of buying fresh food as opposed to buying it in the hypermarkets and supermarkets that populate Porto and the surrounding areas. But the various studios, ateliers and workshops of all types of manual labor, also contribute to the artistic atmosphere. It is in this area that illustrators, artists, painters, designers, jewelers and all other professional artisans can be found.

But there's more! On the first Saturday of each month, the streets of this neighborhood are filled from end to end. Because there is a collective feast! The galleries, shops and cafes work together to coordinate operating hours and collaborate on openings  and shows. Thus, this district moves as one. The locals find their fellow inhabitants wandering through this area, even passing through the busy Rua de Cedofeita known for its local businesses.

This area of Porto is vibrant and cool. You cannot go wrong, because all spots and places are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the local dynamic.

Wandering through the narrow streets and alleys will surely lead to one of the most emblematic scenarios of Porto – the Palácio de Cristal. Green labyrinths lure you to an aimless stroll until reaching the wonderful view over the city, peering over the river. A must do on a sunny day.

If this district starts in the hipster Carlos Alberto square, it finds its end in the famous collective housing of Bouça. Even though initially conceived by Siza Vieira in the '70s solely as a social housing project, today it became the home of many of the residents who contribute to the artsy vibe felt in this neighborhood of Cedofeita.