Filipa Almeida & Hugo Reis

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Though their paths may have crossed at one point at Escola Superior Artística of Porto, it was not when their destinies did. Interestingly, it was only years later when they met in the same office of architecture in Berlin. In the streets of the German city, they realized that they shared the same passion and vision for this art. It was there that they decided to embark on paths unexplored and enter an urban installation art contest as a creative duo. Their immediate chemistry, coupled with the positive response of the public, granted them instant certainty in their new concept.

Their calling led them back to Portugal and the founding of their company, FAHR 021.3. Working from other perspectives, exploring methods of work and achieving new concepts of communicative architecture is the purpose of their business. Intervening where this new approach applies – i.e. in almost everything - is the vision of this duo. Communication is also a core concept for the growth of their relationship with Porto, the host of both their home and headquarters.