Pedro Limão

At a very young age, Pedro Limão ran after his mother, asking her to teach him to make her famous sweet rice. His mother gave him some tips, but for lack of time, never completely satisfied his request. One day, when she came home, she found that little Pedro had successfully prepared the recipe. That moment could have nudged him onto a different path, but that didn’t happen. At least, not until after he was 30 years old. After years of working in the field of urban planning in Viana do Castelo, the would-be chef decided to drop everything and fly to Barcelona to train in the area that was always his true passion.

Later on, Pedro did not stop breaking down barriers. The restaurants and the kitchens in which he worked did not satisfy all the needs of his inner creative chef. Unfulfilled, he decided to create his own business, a kitchen workshop. Pedro Limão is the name of the small, cozy space where the chef by the same name gives wings to the imagination and creates unique menus every day. The concept is fascinating. Passion is what drives Pedro Limão to explore these new approaches in Porto, which despite not being his birthplace, is now his home.