Ana Aragão

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As a child, she dreamed of being an astronaut, a journalist or even a writer, among many other professions. But, it was her passion for drawing that led Ana Aragão to pursue a degree in architecture in Porto. After all, when she was still very young, she used to be caught engraving and drawing on the walls back home. It was just a game, little Ana used to say, but the truth is that, at the time of her doctorate, illustration had become an integral part of her being. With an almost uncontrollable impulse, Ana began to scribble down the labyrinths of her thoughts, giving order to the complexity of her life, on white paper.

Ana Aragão’s imaginings intersect all at one point, the theme of her life: cities. However, it is not the structure of cities that fascinates her, but the stories of the people who inhabit them. These urban landscapes of hers and their residences are her way of creating what does not exist, sometimes even reversing the rules of gravity and architecture. It is in this city - her city - that this architect, illustrator and painter sees herself. It is in Porto that she finds inspiration for all her work, be it of the city or otherwise, as they mirror a bit of what Ana is in this area.