Joaquim Durães

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Creative Director

Melomania, an exaggerated passion for music, is perhaps the word that best describes the relationship of Joaquim Durães with this art. His first memories of music was the shattering of his father’s records by his own hand. Later, he took a more artistic intrigue in them. All of the legendary names of the international music scene influenced his extraordinary skill in this area. Though he was not driven to learn to play any instrument, he sought to delve deeper into the intricacies of music.

Discreet, almost silent, is the hallmark of this artistic director, manager, agent, producer and programmer of his company, Lovers & Lollypops. Joaquim Durães possesses a deep knowledge of the workings behind the creative industries and completely dominates the national and international music scene. In Porto, he finds all of the creative potential that he seeks for his work.