Joana Mieiro

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Jewellery Designer

Ever since she was very young, she has been building pieces of jewellery with her hands. Even today, she cannot stop. Joana Mieiro could not ignore what has always been a part of her: to create. Today, she is a fine jewelry designer working with precious metals and gems and imposing a contemporary style on a conservative market. As the youngest talent to work in this field in Porto, she creates collections that mirror the global trends of fine jewellery.

In her shy and reserved way, Joana believes that it is her keen observation that allows her to create her pieces. But it was at the time of launching her brand, Mimata, headquartered in Porto, that Joana found deep, personal fulfillment. It is with Porto that she identifies herself and it is in this city that she finds the inspiration to create jewellery for a strong and independent woman, so similar to her own image.