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The decisive moment came very early. At 15, in his first encounter with ELLE magazine, Luís Buchinho came across the famed fashion illustrator António Lopez and he began designing non-stop. The path of the one who is widely considered the best representative of national fashion was set. He graduated from CITEX and he paved the way for Moda Lisboa with his participation in its zero edition. 20 years and several fashion shows across the globe later, Luís Buchinho continues to take his vision to the most important catwalks of Portugal and to international markets.

Buchinho’s style is defined by elaborate and asymmetric models, playing with color and texture. But it is in his remarkable work with knitwear that this designer stands out. His time with Jotex, the national knitwear company, developed his skill. It also defined his position in the national scene as a surprisingly solid designer in the consistency of his aesthetics, thus creating an unmistakable style. It is in the blue of the sea and the river of Porto that Luís draws more inspiration in the city. This is a city that is increasingly charged with creativity and where the future of national fashion will be, he says.