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Isabel Cantista is the name that comes to mind regarding innovation, research and fashion marketing. Fashion has always fascinated her because of the possibility of combining the dimensions of personality (of the individual) with social dimensions (traditions, group styles). But is in the analysis of consumer behavior that Isabel Cantista finds a solid foundation of innovation and therefore something that she passionately explores. Her extended resume, which includes thirteen years working for the Sonae Group and various experiences as a teacher at renowned institutions, places her on a level of excellence and prominence in the national scene.

It is on the bridge between the academic and business worlds that Isabel Cantista finds the point of equilibrium. Events such as the International Conference - Global Fashion Conference and Encontro de Moda em Língua Portuguesa are just some of the most important examples of the significance of her work. Leading Fast Foward Innovation – a business consulting, training and innovation management company - Isabel Cantista is fostering the fashion world and national companies.