Helena Santos & Teresa Pimentel

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It's been over 20 years since Teresa became Helena’s daughter-in-law. But this coincidental association was not the reason this creative duo began working together; rather, it was the endless quest for creativity, individuality and timelessness that they share. A problem emerged when neither of them could find clothes that suited them most in the domestic market. They also found that they were not the only ones with this problem.

This was the concept that led Teresa and Helena to invest in a business together: THE Design. The talented duo scours the world markets, as curators, exploring new and emerging concepts and hand-picking each piece of their collections. The 50 national and international designers that contribute to THE Design collections, which differ each season, share the same vision as Teresa and Helena in terms of creativity and timelessness of the lifestyle they embody in their shops. Today, the duo has three stores: one in Porto, one in Lisbon and another in the Algarve, but their inspiration comes from the entire world.