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Diana used to reinvent her dolls’ wardrobes and Marlene was the counselor of cosmetics and makeup for the girls of the family. As sisters, friends and work partners, they discovered that their differing tastes complemented each other and that they were on to something big. However, it was not always so; initially, Diana had chosen a path of Fashion Design and Marlene had embarked on a journey of Economics and Fine Arts. But, it was not long until both reinvented themselves and founded Pretty Exquisite - Image Consulting. Today, they are a benchmark of images and fashion in both the city of Porto and the blogosphere.

The cool urban side of the Vinha sisters is something that people and brands identify with. This is how they positioned themselves in the field of image consulting, production and styling, makeup and facials, offering a comprehensive service of a refined concept of beauty. Diana and Marlene clearly influence the dynamics of Porto, which is often the stage of their work or everyday lifestyle. They apply this inspiration to all of their work, strengthening their name and their image.