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The summers spent in the company of his grandmother opened Ricardo Andrez’s eyes to the world of Fashion. They led him to the decision to study Fashion Design at the Cooperativa Árvore and at Citex. Andrez has not stopped since. He created its own brand of menswear in 2006 and, shortly after, he was already part of the program of the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, 080 - Barcelona Fashion Week and ModaFad. Today, he is renowned in the national and international scene for his perfect blend of sporty streetwear style and more classical inspirations.

For the young, free and carefree urban man, Andrez always surprises by defying materials, colors and patterns in all his collections. The result is somehow androgynous, since the designer believes that clothes are gender-free and that it is the body that defines the setting. The power of the biannual renewal of the Fashion world fascinates the designer who draws inspiration from Porto to create and produce all his pieces. With several international events and awards under his belt, this designer from Porto has already gained an unshakable reputation in the fashion world.