Miguel Flor

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Miguel Flor is all about detail. Which is perhaps the reason why this creative director has reached such important milestones in his long and eventful career. The first to win Moda Lisboa’s Sangue Novo award, an event that took him to Paris for an internship at Studio Peclers and a run in an international fair. But Miguel Flor was bold. He dropped the fair and went knocking on the door of his favourite shop, where, surprisingly, he thought, they bought his collection. Inspired by the city’s welcoming atmosphere, he decided to stay a while longer and landed an internship at Maison Martin Margiela, where he stayed for almost a year. Having worked in all its departments, this house taught him that a conceptual designer such as himself could actually make it in the industry.

This know-how has defined what he does today, making him a key reference.   Miguel is Portugal Fashion BLOOM’s art director. This role allows him to identify new and emergent national designers, guiding and helping them thrive in both the national and international market. This is what moves him. The belief in the talent to be found in Porto.