João Pupo Lameiras

At age 10, he produced his first cookie recipe from a math exercise. At that point, João Pupo Lameiras had two possible career paths: culinary or engineering. The truth is that he chose both, getting a degree in engineering in Porto but, opting for a career in gastronomy when he finished. The training courses that he took throughout the nation only served to reinforce his belief that pursuing a culinary career would be the most fulfilling.

Accepting the invitation to open the Casa de Pasto da Palmeira, his first restaurant, was a good first step for this young, self-taught chef’s journey. Today, João is already a recognized name in Porto and the surrounding areas for his delicacies and for very traditional Portuguese dishes, but with a seasoning of other worldly flavors. But João did not stop there. Currently, he owns other two restaurants, the Casa de Pasto das Carvalheiras, in Braga, and the new LSD, right in the center of Porto. The Porto-born chef and consultant is well-known in the city and continues to be the talk of the town.