Carlos Almeida

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Carlos Almeida’s career began amidst needles and thread, as a tailor, but it soon changed course. His creativity made him stand out and, even though he was very young and without experience in the field, he was invited to join the team of hairdressers in Santo Tirso. He was nervous, but accepted. At that very moment, Carlos Almeida was destined to be a future talent in the field of coloring, cutting and styling hair.

Ten years passed and he moved from Santo Tirso to Porto to open the business that is now the benchmark of hairstyling of the city: Anjos Urbanos. In addition to leading a team of talent, Carlos is also the only non-Italian to join the team that selects the trends for the renowned brand Z.One Concept. Despite his constant business trips, it is in Porto that Carlos draws upon the magic and uniqueness that inspires him to regularly impress us all.