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Her first experience with the world of fashion was in organizing a fashion show. Marta Resende Fonseca knew, right then and there, that this universe would be a part of her future. And, so it was. An interesting professional path led Marta to become the first young designer from Porto to explore the area of beachwear and fill a niche in the domestic market. Together with her business partners, Fernanda Santos and Inês Fonseca, Marta launched Latitid, which combines creatively-designed bikinis, swimwear and beachwear with the quality of Portuguese manufacturing.

Starting from her greatest inspiration, Porto, with its beaches bathed by the sun and colored by the sea, Marta Resende Fonseca offers, in the first collection of this new brand, a local vision for an increasingly global woman. This designer from Porto, who has received several national and international awards, cannot spend too long away from the city where she likes to work best. Marta's promising future will certainly draw much attention.