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Having a tailor for a great-grandfather meant growing up amid fabrics in her mother’s textile factory, which could have been read as a sign already. Her way into fashion wasn’t as straightforward as one might have thought, though. Studying Law in Lisbon she realised she spent more time with her head in fashion books and magazines, than in law books, wahich made her to decide to go  into Citex, now Modatex, and thus set out to build a career that has seen several collections presented at Espaço Bloom at Portugal Fashion.

Although short-lived  Malfada Fonseca has already become a household name. Besides internships with Ricardo Dourado and Luís Buchinho, she has also spent six months working with the tailors at Atelier des Créatures and a year at Petratex, and these experiences have gifted her with the know-how which has been vital in the process of successfully leading her brand while establishing her aesthetics. Now exclusively devoted to her own brand, she’ll for sure make a splash.