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Who would have thought a civil engineer would, ever, become one of the most acclaimed menswear fashion bloggers in Portugal? Well, Miguel Amaral Vieira has proven it possible.  Not that he has always thought of fashion as a road he would take, but the many trips to London when visiting his brother became a source of inspiration. Miguel felt the styles he came across were an interesting reflex of the personalities wearing them and he was first intrigued and then inspired to create Beyond Fabric, the blog that now has over 60 thousand followers and is a brand itself.

This was some time ago, and the blog went bigger, just like the brain behind it. Today it works not only as Miguel’s think tank but also as his most interesting portfolio. He took a leap and the engineer became a marketer, now with several projects and clients on his back, the focus being, always, fashion. He’s very enthusiastic about looking into a brand and unravelling its potential, and feels this is what challenges him. But he doesn’t stop here. Blogger, stylist, photographer, marketeer, this fashion lover is already a staple reference in the menswear universe. Porto is both home and a daily inspiration, visit Beyond Fabric and you’ll see what we mean.