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Being so nice helps her overcome her shyness when telling us the honest story of her passion for fashion and lifestyles.  Carolina Santos is the brain smiling at us from behind one of the most relevant national blogs, The French Fries. Why french fries? Because she loves them. Even more so when she is having them with family and friends, their daily helpers with the blog that now has people following it all the way from the USA, France Germany and many other countries.  

Today, this space is so much so her own that it has now become a second full-time job - the very busy blogger is also an architect. She has lots of plans for the future, feels that blogs have great communicative potential and believes brands are now more aware of that fact - she has already worked with brands such as Tous, Avene, Warner Bros and Ritz Four Seasons, among others. Her source of inspiration is both national and international, but it’s in Porto that Carolina finds the perfect setting for her photos. A sea and beach die-hard, Porto is where she’s home.