José Cardoso

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As discreet as he is charismatic, José Cardoso is a name to look out for when it comes to Portuguese Fashion. Perhaps because he has been there to see and take part in many of the national  paradigm changes as well as in the growth of companies in this area. But also because he owns one of today’s biggest sourcing agencies in Porto, one that specialises in sportswear brands – ‘ O Segredo do Mar’.

Fashion ‘happened’ to him by chance, when, by recommendation, he decided to apply to CITEX, now Modatex. Still to finish the course  Fashion Design, in 1990,  he was recruited into ANIVEC by reputed Helena de Matos. He has since then made his way through the national and international fashion universe, having been part of one of the first trend setting Portuguese teams and having stood out as a creative manager of several international brands. In his path in the latter area he has worked for companies such as Throttleman and Riopele, before going on to set up his own. Having a deep understanding of the Fashion world, he is one of the top names in the area who has chosen Porto as a home, both to work and live in.