Pedro Caria

shoe specialist

His interest in shoes manifested itself in his early years. Born in S.João da Madeira, one of the main centres of the industry, Pedro Caria has always recognised the potential of this sector and felt compelled to contribute for its growth. The opportunity to do so presented itself through the brand 'Harlot'. Managing an international shoe brand that was sold in the best shops and department stores and distributed in 25 countries was the challenge that motivated him to pursue a career in the shoe business. And that was just for starters. From then on, he began working as an external consultant specialised in marketing, sales and internationalisation and contributing to ’an industry that was fragile’.  As an external consultant at 'Centro Tecnológico de Calçado de Portugal', he has collaborated with several national brands and companies.

His passion, his drive and his dedication to his work have earned him the title of Portuguese ambassador for the English brand ‘Irregular Choice’ and he has also taken on the responsibility of managing  'Exceed Shoe Thinkers'. Shaping Brands is the signature brand for his consulting and sourcing services. Always ready to ‘roll up his sleeves, to work and to make it happen’, this shoe specialist believes you can only manage a brand if you are able to ‘deconstruct the shoe’. That is why he makes sure he knows everyone he works with and that he takes part of the process, from its inception to the choice of materials, to the finishing stage of the collection presented to their consumer.