Sofia Gomes

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Jewellery Designer

Sofia Gomes enjoys handling different materials, creating unexpected combinations and recreating different things, and has so from a very tender age. When she came across a degree in Jewellery  at ESAD, she decided to drop her Communication Design Course and invest in acquiring new competences that would allow her to transform her great passion for manual arts into a potential professional future. Once her academic training was completed, she realized that because she loved working with unexpected materials and taking the road untraveled, traditional jewellery would not be an option. The brand Sofia Gomes Jewellery stems from the strong need to find her ‘voice’ and to give her ideas a shape. 

Using cork as her material of choice, this designer creates tridimensional and irreverent contemporary jewellery pieces, fitting for a consumer that is ‘fearless’ when expressing him/herself. Working with a material that is ‘so us, so Portuguese’, Sofia Gomes is endlessly looking for new ways to express herself while taking full advantage of the physical characteristics of materials and thinking new ways to use and explore them. Today, the brand’s main market is the national one, but its main goal is to grow in a sustainable way and go international. We can buy her pieces in galleries or shops that support young designers from different areas and their search for new languages, such as Almada13, Loja de Serralves or