Mariana, a Miserável

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Miserable, because in order to do what she loves and pay the bills she has to work double. Because she is unlucky at cards and because she has already had her fair share of bad luck at love. Because she is constantly tripping over herself and because she has philosophical conversations with the lady that does her eyebrows and with a post office emplyoyee. Mariana Santos is ‘Miserable’, mostly because life is continuously proving to her that this name fits her like a glove.

Bursting with colour, with thoughts, expectations and bitter disillusions, her illustrations do not go unnoticed. With her ‘happilly-sad’ style, carefree and with the ability to laugh at herself, Mariana, the Miserable surprises with strong artistic sensitivity and a story that inspires us to fight for our dreams. With a degree in Graphic Design, she has always loved to draw, but her career has not been a premeditated act. As a child she dreamed of becoming a florist, and years later, after a six months training at an atelier in Barcelona, Mariana decided to go back to square one and do what she really wanted to without giving it much thought: spending the day drawing. We, ‘the miserable’, thank her.