Joana Campos Silva

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Marketing and Communication Consultant

The creative arts ‘calling’ manifested itself at a very early age in Joana Campos Silva. Mindful and curious, she would draw compulsively as a child, she would paint with her grandfather, a set designer, and would not miss an opportunity to keep up with the creative process in the textile factory where her mother worked. Having the chance of taking a look at a product first-hand, watching drawings coming to life and materials being chosen are moments she recalls with renewed enthusiasm. Passionate about art, fashion and creative management, she started Porto Fashion Makers in 2014, aiming at promoting the creative industry in Porto and the North of Portugal. Simultaneously, she founded The CFM Brand Activation company, where she currently works as a marketing and communication consultant in the fashion, culture and lifestyle areas.

With a degree in Sound and Image/Digital Arts by Católica University and a Post-Graduation in Creative Industries Management, Joana Campos Silva is a specialist  in strategy and brand development, creative projects management and networking. The way she puts her heart and soul into everything she does, her disruptive approach and her excellent sense of taste have earned her clients such as the Sonae group (Zippy and MO), Portuguese Soul – an APICCAPS brand -, Expocosmética, Portojóia and AORP – Associação de Ourivesaria de Portugal.