Bruno da Rocha

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Jewellery Designer

Bruno da Rocha’s passion for art blossomed early in his life. From a very young age, driven by a strong creative impulse, he used to draw compulsively, and at the age of 16, the need to work with his hands led him to jewellery.  From then on, his interest in being part of the development of this art field grew ever stronger, opportunities arose, and his career was something that happened effortlessly. Almost 30 years on, he still diverges and surprises with pieces that are a reflection of his restless, avant-garde personality.

Urban rhythms acting as inspiration and moved by his constant need for disruption, Bruno da Rocha is never tied down by stereotypes, nor does he follow trends. Intense and intuitive, the jewellery designer surrenders himself completely to all the stages of the creative process and is not afraid to take chances with new forms and concepts. His sculptural, exuberant pieces are embedded with strong references of the organic world and the architecture in Porto.  Passionate about the female universe, his work, of classic construction and contemporary design, has harnessed both national and international recognition.