Luís Espinheira

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Luís Espinheira creates images. Situations, relationships, tensions, similarities, voids and balances. Passionate about plastic arts, he has a degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, an experience that translates into the rigour and sensitivity with which he sees and thinks images. It wasn’t, however, until he studied at the Krakow Fine Arts Academy, undertaking a nomad social and cultural journey, that his relationship with photography underwent a profound transformation.

From an academic work tool to his trusted partner, photography became part of Luís Espinheira’s life. Regardless of photographing people, objects or spaces, with each new project the artist tests sculpting, graphic, plastic and visual possibilities and creates new, autonomous forms of thought. In the light of Porto being a city that is alive and culture and creativity being cornerstones for its development, Luís Espinheira finds that the right moment and the right place to explore where he belongs are here.