Maria Mónica

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Maria Mónica always enjoyed drawing, she was one of those children who would have sketching books, not colouring books. She decided early on that her path would be in the art world, so, when the time to decide what her area of study would be came, she did not hesitate and the choice fell upon graphic arts. Aged 18 she moved to Porto to study Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts and never left - she fell in love with the city’s underground art scene ‘where it all happens’.

Addicted to black markers and contour lines, she never leaves home without a Papermate Fair M and a Pentel SignPen.She doesn’t, however, think of herself as an illustrator in the true sense of the word, perhaps because drawing genuinely stems from her imaginary. ‘Zudzis’ - somewhat straight, abstract beings - are her most iconic characters. Her love for creating is not limited to drawing, it also manifests itself through music, serigraphy and audio-visual arts. Exploring her artistic side, going deeper and deeper, is what drives her.