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Fat characters - hairy or not - with strange little fingers are Tina Siuda’s favourite friends. The Polish illustrator loves looking at and thinking about big, pretty things that are simultaneously subtle and soft. And that is what she tries to draw. Porto, a city where illustration is everywhere, is where she feels at home. Both her and her cats wake up early, and then she works. If it is sunny, she leaves the house, never without her sketching book, and works a little more. At night, she dances.

Illustration came to be part of her life somewhat by chance. Besides wanting to work with wild dolphins, being a make-up artist and a translator, Tina Siuda always dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But in 2010 it all changed. When visiting Portugal, she fell in love with illustrator André da Loba’s proposal for the ‘Sardinhas de Lisboa’ (‘Lisbon Sardines’) competition and so began drawing. A ‘Mr.-sardine’, she recalls. The following year she moved to Porto, for her Masters in Drawing and Printing Techniques. She found the Ó! Galeria and fell in love with it. Aiming at one day showcasing her work there, - something that happened sooner than she had imagined – she devoted herself to professional illustration. Today, hers is a household name in the city’s creative community.