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Illustrator, curator, teacher at the Fine Arts Faculty and co-founder of Dama Aflita gallery, Rui Vitorino Santos is a household name in the city’s art scene. Not only because has he been behind - together with Julio Dolbeth - the project that has contributed to the visibility of illustration exhibits in Porto, but also  because he has defined an aesthetic that leaves its mark on those who know his work. Pervaded with both direct and indirect quotes stemming from the process that precedes creation, his drawings are the expression of an imaginary that takes inspiration from venacular references, art history and chicklit.

The love for illustration has always been a part of his life and work, having started with books and animation. But what most people do not know is that Zoology and Botany were areas that also interested him when he was young. And that only after having enrolled in the Degree in Communication Design did Drawing and Art History eclipse exact sciences. Born in Leiria, Rui Vitorino Santos moved to Porto to study. However, the city that was, at first, a temporary stopping point quickly became his home. Curiosity, honesty and dedication to work are key words in the advice he would offer young creatives.