Lia Gonçalves

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Jewellery Designer

Unique because of their simple, primary shapes  complemented by rough texturised finishings, Lia Gonçalves’ pieces aim at reinventing the concept of  traditional jewellery. Design meets fashion, art and architecture - the brand speaks to women who value identity, wearability and exclusivity. Inspired by such diverse references as popular art, nature and the sea, the designer’s life is either slow paced in her introspective atelier in Viana do Castelo, or fast tracked  in the social and cultural hubbub of Porto, where she takes in what is new and promotes professional relationships.

A school trip to ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design- when she was 14 was all it took for Lia Gonçalves to fall in love with jewellery design. Years later, she finished her training at this very institution, and soon realised her sense of fulfilment would mean having her own signature project. All in all, it is the freedom to control the object, from its design to its materialisation, that draws her to this world. In 2010 she created her homonymous brand, having  joined, later on, the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn creative community. Her pieces can be found in concept stores such as Daily Day, Scar-id and Loja de Serralves. But there’s a lot more in store for the designer and her creative vision. The brand’s internationalisation, the collaboration with designers from other areas and the launch of a new talent incubator in her atelier are work in progress projects.