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When the topic is new fashion designers, Estelita Mendonça is an iconic reference. Stylist, make-up artist, DJ and a familiar face in the streets of Porto, his first experience in fashion was as a model, however, he soon realised that he really should be working backstage. Spellbound by the process that both precedes and complements the presentation of a collection, he decided Science was not his thing after all and enrolled in a fashion course at the Fashion Academy of Porto, where he met Miguel Flor, the mentor to whom he owes the drive to ‘think’ fashion and question the world around him. And eventually, it was Miguel Flor who, in 2010, invited him to present his first collection at Portugal Fashion’s Bloom.

2016 was a period of growth and affirmation for Estelita Mendonça, who, besides having presented his collection at the London Fashion Week, received a special mention from the International Fashion Showcase and an award in the Fashion category from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Behind the multiple awards and international presentations, there is, in his words, ‘an honest brand, with strong social and conceptual concerns’. The design is aimed at a man who is looking for ‘a piece that makes him question himself, that challenges him to think about a situation’. This raw imagery, an almost icy vision, is what sets him apart.  When involved in the process of deconstructing and reinventing the ‘it’ pieces of the male wardrobe, he finds inspiration in people, nightlife and the elusiveness of his routine.