Daniela Marqueiro

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Designer & Image Maker

Those who do not know the smiling face behind the blog Boop, have certainly, however, already come across her photographs. Daniela Marqueiro is an image maker. With a strikingly modern and minimalist aesthetic vison, the designer, art teacher and, in her words, ‘compulsive amateur photographer’ uses soft, almost nostalgic tones to presents us with atmospheres with personality. Unique spaces, old or recently opened, often sidetracked from traditional tourist routes.

The question, however, may very well be: besides the all the thought that goes into light, contrast, shadows and composition, what makes Boop so special? The answer is the authenticity with which Daniela shares the details that draw her attention, the people she meets and the streets she walks, as she knows the city like the back of her hand. She was born in Porto, where she also studied, and having fallen in love with its architecture and cosmopolitan vibe, she stayed on. Boop is just a genuine, contagious reflex of her personal vision, her strong will to live and share the city. Definitely a ‘follow’.