Cecília Ribeiro

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Jewelry Designer

Sculptures that are unique jewellery pieces. Raw, irregular textures, simultaneously feminine and delicate. This is how Cecília Ribeiro describes the uniqueness of the jewels the brand that carries her name has been designing since 2011. At a time when the jewellery industry is crying out for ‘new blood’, the designer’s work is gaining ground through an intimate approach, one that breaks with tradition and suggests new forms of expression.

With a degree in Industrial Design, ‘a very wide, ambiguous course’, Cecília Ribeiro explores areas as diverse as graphic design, illustration, sculpting and architecture. She takes part in the whole process, - from manufacturing each jewel to the final stage of communication – creating ‘pieces that eternalize feelings and memories’. Irreverent, sophisticated women who aim at enrichening their daily life with details are the main consumers of the brand, part of the AORP’s Portuguese Jewellery Newborn platform.